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Inside the C++ Object Model book
Inside the C++ Object Model book

Inside the C++ Object Model by Stanley B. Lippman

Inside the C++ Object Model

Download Inside the C++ Object Model

Inside the C++ Object Model Stanley B. Lippman ebook
ISBN: 9780201834543
Page: 182
Format: pdf
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional

ǜ�完这本书的感觉就是,用C++编程,其实应该说是面向编译器编程。为了实现OO的思想,C++编译器在程序员背后做了太多的事情。 1)为了和C兼容,class的内存布局设计成和struct一样;. As a side note theres a nice discussion Stanley Lippman makes in his book "Inside the C++ Obect Model", about not placing your variables at the beginning of the Function or scope in which they're defined ( that have multiple exit branches ), and to prefer putting them where they are actually used, due to the number of extra destructor calls and other compiler augmented code necessary for the C++ object model to work as expected. Ő�闻这本书很久了, 据说比较难~. ĸ�包括任何个人感情的技术类资料,Inside The C++ Object Model 读书笔记(一):C++类内部数据结构内存空间分配. ĸ�载Inside C++ Object Model 中文版英文版 作者:(美)Stanley B. I have been reading the 'inside the c++ object model' by Lippman and one of the sections has me a little confused. Graphics&more: Addison-Wesley (5-1996) | CHM | 304 pages | 0201834545 | 5.63Mb Inside the C++ Object Model /by Stanley B. The procedural model as programmed in C, and, of course, supported within C++. Software development ecosystems hypertransport system architecture - 1st ed inside java 2 platform security second edition inside the c++ object model by stanley b. C++支持如下三种programming paradigms(程序设计典范): 1.

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